Employee Benefits Information

All eligible employees receive the benefits below.

Eligible employees include bus drivers with work agreements (does not include sub drivers or trainees) and all other employees that work 30 hours or more per week.

All employees, including part time employees, are eligible for ASRS benefits.

Part time employees may be able to opt out of contributing to ASRS.

Please contact payroll at ext. 5407 for more information regarding this.


Medical and Dental Insurance

2020 Healthcare Marketplace Notice

KAIROS is the administrator for the health insurance plan and uses the Blue Cross Blue Shield network to provide access to doctors and hospitals.

Kairos Health Arizona Inc. Contact Information



PPO 750 Copay

Saver PPO Copay

Kairos Pool 2019 PPO 750 Copay

2020 Wrap Document PPO 750 Copay

HDHP 2500

Saver HDHP 2500

Kairos Pool 2019 HDHP 2500

2020 Wrap Document HDHP 2500

HDHP 5000

Saver HDHP 5000

Kairos Pool 2019 HDHP 5000

2020 Wrap Document HDHP 500

Eligible employees may purchase dependent medical and/or dental coverage.


Dental Schedule of Benefits.pdf

Delta Dental



Kairos Health Arizona Inc Contact Information



Vision Insurance

Avesis is the District's vision insurance provider. Click on the links below for more information

Avesis Vision Insurance Benefit Summary

Avesis Vision Insurance Local Network Providers as of 7/1/14

Avesis Vision Insurance Out of Network Claim Form

Eligible employees may purchase dependent vision coverage.

Avesis Contact Information



Life Insurance

The Hartford is the District's life insurance provider. Each eligible employee has $20,000 of life insurance at no cost to the employee. Dependent life insurance coverage can be purchased that provides $10,000 for spouses and $5,000 per child.

Contact Shelly Dailey at ext. 5421 for questions or more information.

Other Benefits

Kairos Wellness Services

Fitness Your Way Flyer

Fitness Your Way FAQ

Breast Cancer Facts

DEXA Screenings

Skin Cancer Screenings

Heart Health Screenings


BlueCare Anywhere: 844-606-1612


Telehealth Employee FAQ

ER vs Urgent Care Costs

Health Savings Account


With health care costs at an all-time high, our goal is to empower you, as employees, to make informed health care decisions that lead to savings today and for your future.

We will be offering an HSA-powered health plan option for the upcoming benefits year. These health plans allow you the option of an HSA to pay for the qualified medical expenses. We are excited about this enhancement to our benefits package that can help you and your families save today and for the future. See the documents below for more information!

HSA Brochure.pdf

HSA Introduction Letter.pdf

IRS Publication 969 describing FSA's - see page 15


Meaningful Notice 2021

Flexible Spending Account (Classic Silver and Value Gold)

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows an employee to set aside a portion of earnings, up to $2,400/year, to pay for qualified medical or dependent care expenses. Money deducted from an employee's pay into anFSA is not subject to payroll taxes such as Social Security and Medicare, resulting in substantial payroll tax savings. BASIC is theDistrict's FSA administrator. Click on the link below for the District's FSA page which will provide more information.

District FSA Page


The Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) is the state agency that provides retirement and long-term disability benefits to employees of the District.

2019 Plan Summary Information

2014-2015 Employee/Employer Contribution Rate (retirement and long term disability) 11.60%

2015-2016 Employee/Employer Contribution Rate (retirement and long term disability) 11.47%

ASRS Contact Information



myASRS login

Employee Assistance Program

The District's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program designed to help you manage daily responsibilities, major events or work stresses. The EAP offers 24-hour telephone access to confidential counseling services that can help with any issue affecting your quality of life. To speak to a professional advisor, call 1-800-327-3517.