Summer School Bus Routes - June 2021

Updated May 25th, 2021

Morning Pick Up

Mid-Day Pick Up

Mid-Day Drop Off

Afternoon Drop Off

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Bus Barn - 928.636.2305

1088 Mahan Dr., Transportation Building (just north of TES's Cafeteria on the west side of the garage)

October 2020 Transportation Letter to Parents.pdf

Bus Routes

AM Routes


DRS-TECC-HMS AM Bus Routes 2020-2021


CVHS AM Bus Routes 2020-2021

PM Routes


TECC PM Bus Routes 2020-2021


DRS-HMS PM Bus Routes 2020-2021


CVHS PM Bus Routes 2020-2021

Did You Know

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the school bus is, by far, the safest way to get your child to school. The statistics show that you are 70 times more likely to get to school safely when taking the bus than when taking a car.

School buses are the most regulated vehicles that are on the road today. Their unique design makes them highly visible (yellow color), they have flashing lights, stop arms, not to mention the features on the inside of the bus that make it so extraordinarily safe. With the high back seating and added padding, when seated properly, the children are in a very protective area, much like an egg carton.

Then there is the driver and the immense amount of training they must go through to become an Arizona certified school bus driver. First they must pass a background check and get a fingerprint clearance card. They must then obtain a CDL permit, by taking 4 separate written tests and then work towards the actual CDL which can take up to 2 months. Then you have to pass a physical, a pre-employment drug test, random drug tests, first aid and CPR, physical agility test, and at least 20 hours behind the wheel. Then after all of this, you still need to put in hours of training throughout the year to stay certified.

We have a lot of cool and varied experience in our department. You would never know that one of our drivers was an ostrich and a camel jockey! We have several drivers that have Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees from previous careers. We even have a Doctorate of Ministry driving a school bus! We have an ex-stock car racer (woman), an ex COMSEC security clearance holder (also a woman), a couple of retired engineers, lots of military service years from all branches, not to mention an aircraft controller with 35 years of government experience!

The American School Bus Council reports that out of the 26 million students that ride a school bus each school day to and from class in the U.S. only 600 thousandths of 1 % are involved in an accident. Although, that is too many, that’s still a pretty impressive safety record! School buses continue to evolve with even better safety features each year.

So, save wear and tear on your own vehicle (and your mind at the schools) and trust Big Yellow to get you there safely and on time!!