CASA (Chino After School Advantage)

Photo of 4 Children Playing and Jumping

The goal of CASA is to provide a quality, affordable and convenient childcare program where children in Kindergarten through eighth grade can study and play with school friends in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.

Julie Reynolds


The CASA program offers a structured balance of academic, enrichment and recreational after school activities. The program expands children's experiences, extends their learning, and provides warm and caring support. Involvement in CASA helps build positive school-family relationships and strengthen schools' educational partnership with parents and students. During CASA , students can:

    • Pursue academic excellence by working on homework and other academically-enriching activities,

    • Develop friendships while studying and playing with school mates,

    • Strengthen social skills and physical fitness by participating in fun indoor and outdoor sports and games,

    • Participate in arts & crafts, chess, board games, puzzles and other activities organized by the CASA staff members,

    • Develop strong moral character as they learn about character traits such as respect, kindness, responsibility, honesty and citizenship,

    • Enjoy a healthy afternoon snack prepared by the Chino Valley Unified School District Food Services staff.

Download the CASA flyer here!