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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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April 2018


Working Solutions


Art of Asking for Feedback

Got Intercultural Competence?

Building Resilience: Finding Time Alone


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Benefit Spotlight


HelpNet Services

A gateway to access online options for employees, and their household, to maintain a healthy balance between work, family, and individual needs.


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Alliance Work Partners is here to assist you with a variety of needs.


Every employee is eligible to use the EAP. It's a confidential service to help

employees, and their household members, address stressful situations.  

Call 1-800-343-3822 to get started. 

You'll speak with an Intake Counselor and they will review your no-cost options.

LifeStyle Tip Sheet


Laughter Yoga

Laughter and joy - the benchmarks of humor - lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills, and an enriched quality of life.


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April is National Humor Month

April is National Humor Month, so this is the perfect time to add a little humor into your daily routine.  Laughter can actually improve our health and laughter is fun!  After all, you can’t feel sad or angry when you’re laughing, right?


Laughter itself changes us physiologically - it boosts the heart rate and increases blood flow, so we breathe faster  and more oxygen is delivered to the body’s tissues.  Our facial muscles stretch and we burn calories when we’re laughing.


In fact, the mere act of smiling can alter your mood almost immediately.


Information and Resources

AWP Lifestyle Blog

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Staying Fit at Work

It’s incredibly easy to find ourselves sitting more than nine hours in the day, but our bodies are meant to be in motion and fueled with good food. This topic takes a light-hearted look at how we can creatively find time to stay healthy and active even while at work.


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Preparedness & Response


Severe Weather Season



Tornadoes are nature’s most violent and unpredictable storms.. Planning and preparation is a matter of survival ~ be prepared to act quickly.


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Life sometimes catches us off guard.  Your AWP EAP website has toolkits to support you before, during and after whatever event or emergency you're managing.  Visit and browse today!

here for you as life happens ...

What Now?

Responding to Local, State & National Events


In the midst of uncertainty with explosions, bombings, school shootings and weather – many of us are shaken. You might find yourself unsure of what to do next to maintain the safety and well-being of your family as well as loved ones. 


In response to recent events, we have pulled together resources that will help you address what has happened. This post contains guides to help you or a loved one cope with traumatic experiences, and recommendations for aiding loved ones who may struggle to recover a sense of safety and security.



We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


TDD 800-448-1823


Contact your Account Manager at for PDFs and/or additional topics | content | information.


Alliance Work Partners is a professional service of Workers Assistance Program.

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                    National Nutrition Month

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We're here for you as life happens!
Alliance Work Partners (AWP) is your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering you and your family valuable, confidential services at no cost to you.  Designed to help you manage daily responsibilities, life events, work stresses
or issues affecting your quality of life, AWP is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ~ 1-800-343-3822.

Visit your customized EAP website

To create an online account, Select “Access Your Benefits”
First Time Log-in use registration Code:  AWP-ASBAIT-2811   |   512-328-1144   |   1-800-343-3822   |

The District's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program designed to help you manage daily responsibilities, major events, work stresses,or any issue affecting your quality of life.  Alliance Work Partners administers the EAP for the District's health insurance provider, ASBAIT.  Click on the links below for more information.
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