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Student Nutrition Services and Facilities Management
Student Nutrition Services

Ben Montgomery
General Manager

Site Managers 

Jamie Romero
CVHS Manager

Ashley Benson
HMS Manager

Narda Loftin
DRS Manager

Mary Brown
TECC Manager
Administrative Assistant

Maureen Gonzales
Sodexo School Services
(928) 583-5430

Cafe/Catering Operations Manager

Rhiannon Gianfrancesco

*Should you have questions regarding
the Free/Reduced meal application process please contact the district liaison:

Jinny Harner
Food Service Specialist
(928) 636-2458 x 5409 

Facilities Management

Jerry Mccaughey
General Manager
(928) 583-5432 

Facility Managers

Bruce Nesbitt
TECC Manager

Steve Stotz
DRS Manager

Robert Brown
HMS Manager

Malcom Ross
CVHS Manager

Support Staff

Jim Drake
Lead Groundskeeper